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This is all well and good (and we already know these things); however, the question still remains: Why a fifth version already? The answer lies in the fact this isn't another UR 100. The UR 100V Iron is equipped with a new calibre, the self-winding UR 12.02.

This new movement brings the aperture of the hour hand closer to the scale of the minute. It was simply intended to make reading time more intuitive.

Felix says, "So you'll probably notice that when you compare the first versions of the omega replica to the new V, the hour numbers have been moved from the center to the minute scale." The carousel evolved as we switched the side to show the hours.

When we began work on the omega replica, we wanted to emphasize the satellite mechanism. This is why we have this large sapphire and designed it to check the hour at the center, then move out to the replica We realized that reading the hour would be easier if it was moved away from the middle. This is what we have expressed in the UR100V, our latest edition. This is an evolution of the UR 100 after we have produced 100 pieces in the first four versions. This fifth version was also our way to make sure this was unique and new in a sense, compared with the previous ones, that would also be significant."

Technical Specifications

Move with ease

Self-winding UR 12 02 movement with the winding motor governed by an airscrew. Hours and minutes, distance traveled around the earth in 20 mins (scale on 10 o’clock),Franck Muller Swiss Replica distance Earth travels in 20 mins to orbit the sun (scale 2 o’clock); 48 hour power reserve

Case Study

Titanium and stainless Steel; width: 41mm length: 49.7mm height: 14mm. Water resistant up to 30m


Blue Alacantra with titanium buckle

Limitation of price

Limited edition of 25 pieces. CHF 48,900 / SGD 72,900