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ulysse nardin replica X Revolution is continuing the Pieces Uniques Series with the UR105 Bronze Guardian Lions, with engraved artwork created by our master engraver in-house, Johnny "King Nerd". He shares his research process with us, as well as his inspirations. We also get to see the artwork that he envisions for his dream watch.

This Bronze Guardian Lions Edition is your second unique piece in the Revolution X ulysse nardin replica Limited Edition series. What challenges have you overcome, and what precautions do you take when you work with bronze?

The Guardian Lions piece was the most challenging for me. It was the first one that made me a little nervous, because I'd never engraved an ulysse nardin replica. I wanted it look super cool. When it was done, I was eager to start the lions. I had already created my first ulysse nardin replica and I was now ready to tackle the second.omega replica watches I wanted to start as soon as I could. It's an amazing canvas, so I have enjoyed every minute of designing and engraving these.

The ulysse nardin replica UR105 Bronze Samurai and ulysse nardin replica UR105 Bronze Guardian Lions.

What is the significance of the Guardian Lions?

According to my research, lions are Chinese Imperial stone sculptures that always appear in pairs. They are usually used to represent loyalty, security and protection, but they can also be seen as symbols of energy and happiness. One lion holds a ball that represents the entire world and the other lion holds a cub which represents a nurturing spirit.

Imperial lions are always in pairs. The lions are always in pairs.Ulysse Nardin Replica Watches One holds a ball that represents the world, and the other a cub that represents a nurturing spirit.